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I came up to be the best in my area, so I would like to force forward your projects as a developer or team manager. I have an excellent experience in graphics, network and natural language technology development. Hope to find the team where I'll be able to realize mine talent and ideas.




Win32, Solaris, Unix
Programming Languages:


C/C++(MFC, ATL, COM, STL), Assembler; HTML, Java, JavaScript, Perl(CGI)


Development software:


Win32: MSVS 6.0/7.0, Delphi, FoxPro

Solaris: ForteDeveloper 6.0

Design software:


Microsoft Office, Corel Draw, Adobe PhotoShop, Macromedia DreamWeaver/FireWorks
Databases software: Lotus Notes
Other: Doxygen, DocHelp - help generating systems,

GhostInstaller, Install Shield - Installation package generating systems.

Rational ClearCase administration and using - version control system.

Certificates: C, C++, Assembler Master – BrainBench certified.


Work experience

Remote programmer

10/2000 – present

I’m working as a remote programmer at the same time with a full working time.

- I'm a developer of MTOptimizer project, which is related with mathematical model calculation and visualization. I managed all project tasks and was responsible in project object model design and implementation, data visualization implementation. Project has flexible COM object model, modern MDI GUI based on BCGCBProfessinal library, Chart ActiveX controls with a OpenGL support. (Project development terms - up to now)

- Designed the project, which have relation with a mathematic model calculation. I have designed the project's GUI based on MFC and Dundas ChartFolio libraries (Project development terms - 1 year). (see www.multistat.com)



10/2000 – present

“UniTech” Ltd.

Vinnitsa, Ukraine

- I've starred as a team manager of SpeechPearl project. My team of 4 developers were engaged in distributed software development. The project was related to porting speech recognition engine from Win32 platform to Solaris/Linux/AIX platforms. Because of distributed development, I have had to administrate source code version control properly and to correspond with foreign teams, except actually development process managing. During the project development I have got very good experiences in source code synchronization, test cases debugging, cross-platform development and actually in team management.

- I’m in the GOMD project as a responsible developer. The project was related to embedded device communication, where my tasks were to design the communication between PPC and Configuration Server through the available connections (through the TCPIP or USB (using the PC as a mediator). The PPC used the WinCE platform, the Configuration Server based on Apache Web Server and MySQL DBCS. (Project development terms – 2 months). Projects is strongly used Win32 API, ATL.

 - I'm in a TranXP project development group. The project is a client/server application to transmit text & voice data through the TCP/IP local networks and Internet. I'm responsible in low&high level client/server interface implementation, and auxiliary devices support (like a FootPedals). Project is strongly used WTL, WinAPI, COM, Sockets.

- I'm in a XMLAT project developer group. The project is to build compact and flexible XML editor. I had on duty to build MDI friendly GUI, extendable functional interface based on plug-ins, and plug-ins to edit and visualize XML file format (I'm proud of text editor I have designed, it is full featured text editor, have print preview support and many others things) : MFC,COM,ATL strongly used, GUI was based on BCGCB Standard Edition library (Project development terms - 0.5 year).

- I'm in a RDDE project developer group. The project called as RealDialog Development Environment, and it have the aim to automatically build dialog devices based on automaton model.

I'm the Development Environment responsible programmer, and my duty is to design all GUI and core interfaces with a specific engines (Project development terms - 1 year)

- I carried out duty of the responsible programmer in project, which based on Natural Language Processing technology;

- Took part in a project based on NLD technology, my responsibility was to improve parse core capability (for example, I have extended the language syntax, changed parser core). In the project the STL was strongly used.



11/1999 – 10/2000

Computer Multimedia Systems Ltd.

Vinnitsa, Ukraine

- Took part as a programmer of the specialized text editor in the Grammar Development Environment project.

- Worked as a responsible programmer and software development task manager in the “Ask in Plain English” project. It was Internet resources search environment based on Natural Language Processing technology. Demo version of that environment implemented in VC++, based on MFC, used COM, DAO, HTML…




during education









- I worked at the Chemical Scientific Laboratory of Vinnitsa State Technical University in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. My work was making an expert system for handle data from medical equipment of non-invasive diagnostic.

- I worked in a team, our task was a making hardware and software for commutate equipment of power station. My responsibilities included making in C with Assembler languages the system of registration and handling process, that appears in powerlines.

- I worked at the Graphic Scientific Laboratory of Vinnitsa State Technical University. My responsibilities included making software in Pascal with Assembler languages that provided creating 3D surfaces and models for studying process. This software included some standard features of 3D editors: rotating, scaling, moving, perspectives, output in draft or quality mode.




1. “Develop the autocalibration system of digital registration of the analog information”, Vinnitsa, Ukraine, 1998;

2. “Research the analog channel parameters of the high-quality audio recording and restoring systems”, Vinnitsa, Ukraine, 1999.



Vinnitsa State Technical University 1994 - 1999, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Major: Information Technologies and Computer Engineering (graduated with Bachelor of Computer Sciences Diploma with honesty and Master of Computer Sciences Diploma)



Object oriented programming, Component oriented programming, 3D design, Internet technologies



Fluency in Russian and Ukrainian written and spoken languages; good in English, French with difficulties.

 You can get the reference about me there:

1. Sevastyanov Vladimir

Tel: (work): 949-756-8684

(cell): (714) 293-9455

URL: http://www.multistat.com

EMAIL: vlad@multistat.com

2. Michael Groozman (Computer Multimedia Systems Ltd.)

Tel: (work): +380 (0432) 53-14-27, 53-14-29

All needed papers are available on request


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